I have created this site to act as several things on my behalf.

First of all, as my secretary. Should anyone require my personal details in relation to a professional matter, the About page should contain everything you need to make direct contact. You will also find a copy of my CV here, I have decided to password protect this, passwords are available via direct email with myself.

Secondly, as my informal journal of engineering related activities. This will be formalised in the form of PDP and CPD documentation on the journey towards charter-ship, however this Blog will act as a good reminder of lessons learned along the way.

Finally, as an archive of experiences. These will normally take the form of photo galleries, detailing things seen and done where valuable lessons and skills were learned. In some I will get quite expansive, generally where the experience relates to something referenced on my CV, in others the images and captions themselves will summarise the learning opportunity.