Constructionarium 2014

Constructionarium is a week-long project run by Sibbald, a training company specialising in providing certification for the construction industry. The project is run in partnership with university engineering departments and industry professionals, in order to provide teams of students the opportunity to get hands on experience of the construction industry and working on a live site.

In 2014 (at the end of my 1st year), I co-led a team of entirely Strathclyde students ranging from 1st - 3rd years, constructing a scale model of the Barcelona Tower. This is a communications tower in Barcelona made of a single concrete spire surrounded by levels of metal framework from which communication equipment is suspended.

Treating the project as full-scale, the team took on the role of contractor and construction company. Fulfilling as many of the professional requirements as possible in the single week. This included providing detailed environmental impact forms, a programme of works with specific task sheets, health and safety overviews, budgets for labour, plant and materials, and communication with consultant engineers and specialist operators on site.

On this project, Lainge O'Rourke Expanded took on the role of client, providing details of what they needed constructed and overseeing a post-project review.

In the end the project was finished to schedule, and under budget, including projected costing of remedial works, proposed to repair some dodgy concrete compaction at the top of our 6m spire.

Activities I partook in personally included:

  • Organisation of paperwork, and submission of programme of works
  • Individual daily task sheet briefings, including health and safety highlights
  • Setting out
  • Manual labour
  • Ply wood shuttering fabrication
  • Tying Steel Rebar
  • Concrete ordering + pouring + compaction (not the dodgy bit)
  • Communication with the client, skilled labourers, team members and consultant engineers about project
  • Time management 
  • Ongoing quality assurance and structure monitoring